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What to Wear for Family Photos in Nantucket

Family photos at Steps Beach in Nantucket

Planning on having your family photos taken in Nantucket? With stunning beaches, charming streets, and iconic New England style, Nantucket offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family photos.

As you are deciding what your family is going to wear for your photo session, be sure to embrace the island’s preppy, relaxed vibe to ensure your family looks effortlessly stylish and comfortable. Here are my top tips for what to wear for your Nantucket photo session.

1. Embrace the Nantucket Vibe

Nothing says Nantucket more than relaxed, island-chip style. Soft, neutral tones and pastels look gorgeous against Nantucket’s natural backdrop. 

For women, this could be a flowy maxi dress that dances in the breeze coming off the water or white jeans and a blouse. Lilly Pulitzer is always a great way to add a pop of color and pattern that is fun, sophisticated and preppy!

For men, think  casual button-down shirts with khaki or linen pants. This will perfectly capture the laid-back, yet classy vibe of the island. 

When dressing kids, my biggest piece of advice is to choose clothes they are comfortable in! Outfits they can play and move around in will help your session maintain a relaxed environment so your photos feel authentic and timeless.

Senior photo of young girl in white dress on beach in Nantucket

2. Coordinate, Don’t Match

When planning your family’s outfits for photos on Nantucket, the goal is to coordinate, not match. My recommendation is to start with your outfit, then build around what you are going to wear. Work on the kids’ outfits next, mixing in some patterns or pops of color. Finish with Dad’s outfit – his is normally the easiest to add in more neutrals if needed, or a subtle pattern or texture with a gingham shirt or linen pants.

For all of the outfits, you want to avoid bold, distracting patterns that take attention away from the beautiful scenery and your family’s interactions.

3. Keep Footwear Simple

One of the best things about a beach session, or a session at your home, is that you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect shoes. Being barefoot adds to the natural, relaxed feel of your session, not to mention true to the Nantucket lifestyle. 

If you are planning for a session in town, opt for simple, comfortable footwear that complements your outfits. Bring on the sandals and flip flops! For kids, I always remind you to make sure their shoes are comfortable and easy to move in. Choose something they are used to wearing and won’t fuss over.

Family photos in Nantucket for family of 4 dressed in khakis, blues and floral dress on beach

4. Layer for Versatility and the Weather

Nantucket weather can be unpredictable – sure summers are typically warm, but a slight chill often comes in the evenings as the sun begins to set. To make sure you and your family are comfortable in what you wearing for photos, no matter the weather, choose light, breathable fabrics, but also consider an extra layer to add on as the evening cools. 

If you are looking for an excuse to do a little shopping downtown for a shawl or pashmina…you’re welcome! 

5. Keep it Classic

Classic, timeless outfits always photograph well – especially on Nantucket, a classic and timeless location! Picking classic neutral colors like khakis, whites, blues and pastels, and timeless styles like dresses, shorts and button downs, jeans and tops, ensures that when you look at your photos year after year, you won’t cringe at passing fashion trends. 

Extended family session on Nantucket - family is dressed in white and khaki for a classic look

Spending time on Nantucket and capturing moments with your family is something you will want to remember for years to come. There is no need to overcomplicate what you wear for your family photos – keeping your outfits simple is always a good choice. After all, Nantucket is one of the quintessential locations most often mentioned for the “preppy New England” style so no harm in leaning into that! 

Looking for more tips on how to make your family photos in Nantucket a stress-free experience? Give this a read! 

To book a family photo session in Nantucket, reach out to me here.

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