Fine Art School Photos For the Greater Boston Area

A modern approach to traditional school photography - Portraits capturing the unique personality of each child! 

A modern approach to traditional school photography - Portraits capturing the unique personality of each child! 

"...the photos came out perfectly, and you could see the innocence in our daughter's can tell in the photos that Caeli made our daughter feel safe, comfortable, and free to be who they are in front the camera."

- Jen
Arlington, MA

 "I just wanted to thank you for taking such beautiful photos of the students! You captured our daughter's personality perfectly and we are so very grateful."

- Ashley
Wayland, MA

"Caeli photographed my son last year for his preschool photos, and then my daughter this year for hers. The photos are beautiful and absolutely captured my children’s personalities!"

- Courtney
Concord, MA


What Parents Are Saying

My goal is capture the authentic personality of your child. I will never force a smile, add props or have laser beams in the background! The results are genuine and timeless portraits.

Fine Art School Portrait Q&A

Fine Art School Portrait Q&A

What are Fine Art School Portraits?

Fine Art School Portraits by Caeli Richter Photography is a modern approach to traditional school photography that captures the unique personality of each child. I spend time with each child to make sure they are comfortable in front of the camera, and to learn what makes them smile and share their personality. I use a plain white background and photographs in natural light. By not forcing smiles or poses, this allows for spontaneous moments and natural expressions.

How is this different from the “Picture Day” experience we had growing up? 

I work hard to create a fun and easy going environment that ensures a positive photography experience for all involved. This starts by handling all pre-communication with schools and families. I provide my contact information to field questions directly from parents and families. 

I do not use any props or distracting backgrounds. Instead the main focus of the photograph is your child so their personality can shine! 

After photo day, all images are shared through an online viewing and ordering platform. Each child will have 3-5 different images/expressions captured and shared in a private online gallery. Images are delivered in both color and black & white. Families get to choose which images(s) they want to order instead of the “best” image being chosen for you. This means that you do not need to pre-order anything before you see the photos!

Orders for physical prints, or digital files, are placed online. Digitals are delivered over email immediately, and physical prints are delivered to the school for pick up approximately 4 weeks later.

This sounds expensive. Is it expensive?

Even though the fine art school portrait experience is high end, my prices are not! I have competitive rates that are competitive with the big box companies. There is no payment due up front, and families choose exactly what they want to purchase after seeing the images, not before. 

I offer a variety of different packages and a-la-carte products to fit everyone's needs. Physical prints and digital files are available.

What kind of schools does this work with?

I work with schools of all sizes and levels! I have experience photographing children from birth through high school but find that am working with preschools and daycares most often. I will photograph small schools with at least 20 students all the way to schools with hundreds of children.

What time of year do you offer fine art school portraits?

I work with each individual school to schedule any time during the academic year that works for everyone. Some schools offer the traditional fall school photos, and others prefer the spring. I have been seeing an increase in preschools offering photos in both the fall and spring which is so fun since we know just how much little kids change over the course of a year!  

What should my child wear for their fine art school portrait?

The goal of these photos is to have your child be the main focus, therefore I recommend choosing clothes that are not too "busy" or distracting. This means I recommend either solid colors, or smaller prints that aren't too overwhelming. Words, graphics or large brand/logos can also be distracting since that can be cut off in the photos. Bright, neon colors actually reflect back onto your child's face and result in inaccurate skin tones.

Something I have found to work well with my own daughters when deciding what they will wear for photos, is to give them two or three options to pick from. That way, I have a little control over what they wear, but it also gives them the sense of control they seek, while still ensuring the aesthetic I’m after.

Bonus tip: For children with long hair, I recommend styling hair down, or partially pulled back.

  • Solid colors
  • Clothing with textures - sweaters, waffle knit, ribbed knit, eyelet, etc.
  • Small prints - florals, thin stripes, etc.

  • Neon colors
  • Busy, big patterns
  • Clothing with large logos or words
  • Hoodie sweatshirts - tend to bulk up around the neck face

Take a peak at the gallery of fine art school photos to see what they are wearing!

How many photos of each child do you take?

My goal is capture your child's personality on photo day. I do this by engaging with your child 1:1 and encourage them to express a range of expressions - from smiling, laughing, being serious, being silly...I am capturing these moments straight on, from above and different angles. I deliver each image in both color and black & white.

Some kids are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions and some are more reserved. This is why some kids have more images in their albums than others. All children will have a minimum of 3-5 different images in their albums.

What if I still have questions?

If you are a parent, teacher or school administrator looking for more information, or to discuss dates to bring fine art school portraits to you community, please contact me here.

Are you a parent wondering how to get your child's school on the list?

Are you a parent wondering how to get your child's school on the list?

I offer fine art school photography to schools around the Boston area. To see if this is offered in your school, send me a note below.

Looking for more ways to work together?

Looking for more ways to work together?