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Fresh 48 Newborn Photos – The Magic of Your Baby’s First Days

Are you counting down the days until you hold your newborn? Imagining what those first cries will sound like? Are you dreaming of what it will feel like to have your baby snuggled on your chest? 

The first hours…the first few days after a baby is born is magic. It is one of the most special things I have ever experienced. The adrenaline. The whirlwind of emotions. The dream-like state that enveloped me. The first two days after my daughter Blaire was born, I could not stop staring at her. She had the most perfect round nose. Her spindly arms and legs sprung back tight next to her body as if she was still in the womb. With every breath, it her whole body would rise and fall. 

Fast forward, and sadly, those details and others, I swore I would never forget, have begun to fade. The visual memories I have of this time, the photos Blaire has to look at of her first few days of life, were taken only on iPhones. Sadly, they fall short of capturing the magic we felt holding her in our arms those first few days. 

Ready for the magic?!

Enter Fresh 48 Sessions. As a mom and professional photographer, I am beyond thrilled to offer Fresh 48 Sessions to families. I feel it is the absolute best way to capture that magical blur right after your new baby is born. The skin-to-skin snuggles. The sleepy yawns. The soft wrinkly newborn skin. The love, and awe, for both mom and baby. This is all captured in photographs during a Fresh 48 session and will serve as a timeless reminder for you. Every time you look at these photos, you will be brought back to those precious first days as a new family.

Newborn baby girl in bassinet in Boston hospital

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 Photo Session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life and documents the raw, unfiltered beauty of your growing family. It takes place where you deliver your baby –  in the hospital, birthing center, or in your home.

Brand new baby in diaper laying in bassinet in hospital a day after she was born

Why Book a Fresh 48 Session?

Do you want to freeze those intimate moments as you and your baby bond? Capture the tiny details you swear you’ll never forget? A Fresh 48 Session will do just that!

A Fresh 48 Session gives me the opportunity to capture intimate moments and details of your little one as they will never appear again. I approach each session from a documentary perspective. I aim to capture genuine moments, tender connection, and the raw and natural moments that take place during the first hours of your baby’s life. My goal is to provide families with a collection of images that will be a timeless reminder of the overwhelming love that fills those first few days. 

Baby girl yawning as mom holds her hand

how long does a photo session like this take?

A Fresh 48 session typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour. There is no agenda and tending to baby takes priority over getting a certain photo. If you are agree, I will photograph through feedings, changing, soothing, snuggles, etc. 

Little baby being comforted by mom and dad's hands as she lays in a hospital bassinet

what do people wear during a fresh 48 session?

The one thing you need to think about wearing after your baby is born is whatever is most comfortable! This time is dedicated to healing and forming the precious bond with your baby. This is a raw and intimate time and your comfort is paramount.

Some mothers opt for the convenience of the hospital gowns and others choose to bring their own nursing tops or robes. 

If you are looking to bring something from home, I recommend soft, solid, neutral tones. These colors compliment the delicate newness of your baby, rather than drawing attention away. If you are choosing a patterned robe or pajamas, opt for subtle patterns – avoiding bold stripes or distracting prints. 

New dad cradling one day old baby daughter in his arms

what happens after the session?

Within 24 hours of your session I will share a few carefully selected images that capture the raw beauty of those first hours with your new baby. Many parents choose to use those images in their public announcements, sharing the much anticipated arrival of their new baby with family and on social media.

If you have also booked an in-home newborn session the rest of your Fresh 48 gallery is delivered in conjunction with the in-home session. This gives you a comprehensive collection of once-in-a-lifetime images, documenting the early moments of your baby’s journey from the hospital to the comfort of your home. If you are choosing to only book a Fresh 48 session, the full gallery is delivered within 3 weeks. 

The entirety of your gallery, including all digital files, in color and black & white, are yours to download. I offer access to a professional printing lab through your gallery if you want to purchase physical prints as well.

Newborn baby in purple outfit being held by mom in hospital room

As a mom who relied solely on iPhone photos for the memories of the most important life events, I’ve come to understand the profound impact professional photography can have. These moments, unique and fleeting, occur only once in your family’s story. As your photographer, my goal is to beautifully document these details. I want to give you the feelings of awe and unconditional love you experienced during those first few days, every time you look at your photos.

Click here to see more magical photographs captured during Fresh 48 sessions.

Mom and dad hold newborn baby girl in hospital bed

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