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In-Home Newborn Photography: Home Sweet Home

Image of mother and newborn daughter sitting in window seat

During both my pregnancies, I tried to picture and plan for what it would be like once my baby was here. What will it feel like snuggling with my new baby girl on the couch? How hard will it be to do the grocery shopping with a baby in tow? Just how tired will I be after waking up for midnight feeds? Will I be able to walk the dog and push the stroller at the same time? (The answer to that was no – a lesson learned quickly!) How will my older daughter react when she is introduced to her new baby sister? 

All the hours I spent daydreaming about what life would be like once my daughters were born was quickly replaced with feedings, wiping up spit up, tracking wake windows, laundry, bouncing on the yoga ball, wiping up more spit up, daycare runs, visits from family and friends, more laundry, oh, and laundry!

An in-home session newborn session hits the pause button on all of this. It serves as an opportunity for you to solely focus on your family, and not the growing pile of laundry. This is time to bask in the connection between you and your baby. The love you share with your partner. And the new adventure you’ve just embarked on. I want you to snuggle, laugh, love, and soak in the incredible miracle you created. Every time you look at the photographs we create together, you will be reminded of how it felt holding that tiny baby so easily in just one arm. What it felt like to have the hairs on your head feel tired. The awe you had in yourself because you literally MADE A HUMAN! 

In-home newborn sessions are hands down my favorite type of session. I love them because they are unique to each family. They are honest. They preserve a moment in time of your family that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Take a look at my gallery from in-home newborn sessions.

Newborn babies photographed in their home shortly after they are born.

what exactly is an in-home newborn session?

A lifestyle, in-home newborn session is a photography session that is personalized to each family I photograph with the goal to capture, both candid and directed, photos of your newborn and family in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. I photograph the unique dynamics and love your family shares.

An in-home newborn session normally lasts around 2 hours which allows plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, snacks, whatever you, or baby needs while still capturing gorgeous images of your new family. I will select the best-lit areas in your home to take photos – this is normally the parent’s bedroom, living room, or nursery if there is one. 

I do not bring specific outfits or props to the session – my goal is for natural, personal photographs unique to your family and your house. Similarly, I will never pose a baby in specific positions that could be dangerous or restrict their airway. Because this is not my goal, your baby does not need to sleep through our entire session. Babies cry, newborns confuse day and night – whatever moment they are in during our time together is perfect.

Mom snuggling with newborn baby girl during low key newborn photo session in Wayland, MA.

when do in-home newborn sessions take place?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Typically, I am visiting families 5-10 days after baby is born, but knowing that every delivery and recovery is different, so this is a flexible window. An in-home “newborn” session can take place any time in the first 2-3 months after the baby is born. 

I will say that babies change so fast during the first few weeks. If you are wanting to capture the tiny details before baby starts putting some of the cute chubbiness on, my recommendation is to schedule our time together within the first two weeks after birth. Also to note – the younger the baby the sleepier they are!

Newborn baby boy being held by his parents during his in-home newborn session.

when should I be contacting you to schedule my in-home newborn session?

It is never to early to reach out and being the conversation about your in-home newborn session! Typically I hear from most moms in their second trimester – normally you have shared your news, you’re feeling a bit more energetic and that cute bump may have even popped!

The first thing we talk about is your due date. This is what I use as temporary placeholder on my calendar, but I know you have no control over when your little one will actually arrive – my first daughter was 10 days late, and my second daughter surprised us the day before her due date! I schedule newborn sessions throughout the year, but the earlier I can get you on my calendar, the better I can plan the rest of my photo sessions, family, school and other newborns that come up, with yours in mind.

Once your baby is born, you will contact me and we finalize the exact date and time of your session!

Baby girl sitting with mom and dad eating a bottle when she was a month old.

what do we wear for an in-home newborn session? 

Comfortable clothes! In-home newborn sessions are cozy and intimate – there will be a lot of cuddling and a lot of snuggles. You do not need to dress up or even wear shoes (I actually recommend being barefoot). Neutral, natural colors photograph beautifully, are timeless, and are not distracting. Sticking to solid colors is recommended as well as this helps to keep the focus on the baby.

As for your baby – I suggest dressing them in a simple white, or plain-colored, form-fitting onesie without graphics or words. You may need a newborn or preemie-sized onesie to make sure it fits snugly. This helps to make sure we can see the tiny details of your little one and they do not get lost in too much fabric. 

SWADDLES: I use swaddles at all of my sessions because they are not only beautiful, but they help your baby to feel safe, secure and comforted – in and out of your arms. Both solid and patterned swaddles photograph beautifully and are an opportunity to add a little personality to your photos. I love the large, stretchy swaddles as they are easier to wrap and harder for your little one to wiggle out of. I used Lou Lou & Co, Cooper Pearl, and Kyte Baby swaddles with my girls.  

Baby boy smiling during in-home session. Baby is about 2.5 months old and the perfect age for these photos!

shoot. do I have to clean my whole house for an in-home session? 

NOPE! I know that bringing home a new baby can make even the tidiest of spaces turn a little chaotic! I recommend clearing clutter off side tables in the areas with the most natural light in your house (living room, parents’ bedroom, and nursery). When I arrive I might move a stray water bottle or tissue box, but nothing for you to stress about!

Newborn in bassinet from Fresh 48 session in the hospital the day after the baby was born.

do you ever take photos after the baby is born at the hospital?

Yes, I do Fresh 48 Sessions and I love them! The first hours…the first few days after a baby is born is magic. It is one of the most special things I have ever experienced and I think this time is definitely worth documenting!  I wrote a blog post all about Fresh 48 Sessions in the hospital for you to read to get a better understanding of how those photos differ from an in-home newborn session.

Bonus Tip: Families who book both a Fresh 48 Session and an in-home newborn session often choose to do the in-home session a little later – closer to the 2-3 month age to capture the adorable first smiles! These families also get a discount when booking together!

It feels like life feels life moves at an unsustainable pace right now. From experience, I know this could not be more apparent than when a new baby joins the family. Yet, this will still be one of the most incredible chapters of life for you and your entire family. The photos captured during your in-home newborn session will stand as vivid reminders for the rest of your lives of the love and joy that filled your home in those early, bleary-eyed days of parenthood.

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